S-Series Premium Interconnect

  • S8 linked pair
  • S77 and S8 interconnects
    Entry level high performance interconnects not only are price friendly but also will bring out a full range of sound stage with less noise and distortion. The most affordable premium upgrades from stock cables. S8 comes in linked pair with smaller size copper cores and the slim compact plugs.

    What we do to make it possible
    Solid core copper conductor wires for less distortion compared to stranded wires. Individual left and right channels with multi-layer shielded cores and drain wire. Air Geometry© for less distortion with aluminum foil and polypropylene multi-layer shielding for clean signal without interference. Terminated with gold plated slim RCA plugs with hollow center pin and split collar.

    Standard Stereo Pairs
    S77-500G-10 (1 meter)
    S77-500G-50 (5 meter)
    S8-300G-10 (1 meter)
    S8-300G-50 (5 meter)