Elite7 Interconnect

  • Elite7 audiophile interconnect
    Natural, pure, and transparent sounding. Smooth musicality with exceptional dimensional imaging. Quiet, excellent noise and interference rejections

    What we do to make it possible
    Solid core single crystal pure copper OCC wires with highest conductivity and less signal distortion compared with stranded wires. Air Geometry© with three separately multi-layer shielded cores for noise-free, high signal-to-noise ratio, and lower impedances especially in balanced configuration. Tellurium copper plugs for much smoother and natural sounds compared to brass metal plugs.

    Solderless terminations
    E7-891GT Gold-plated RCA plugs
    E7-891RT Rhodium-plated RCA plugs
    E7-XLRGT Gold-plated XLR plugs

    Standard lengths
    1 meter stereo pair
    Other lengths available