The Zeus Power Cables

  • Audiophile High-Current Cables
    Audible "hear-the-difference!" improvements over standard AC cables that open up the soundstage and more solid and rounded bass. Wide and full imaging with layers of instruments, center stage vocals and midrange bring out the music to a more defined and dynamic presentation.

    Solid core pure copper OCC conductors provides the best in wire conductivity. Air-Inside© cable geometry with three layer cable shieldings isolate RF and EMI interference, terminated with oxydation-free audiophile grade plugs — pure clean power for high-current amps, powered subs, and other high load components. All these, and more affordable!

    1.5m Standard Length
    Zeus-NI15 Nema/IEC gold-plated brass plugs
    Zeus-SI15 Schuko/IEC gold-plated brass plugs
    Special order on other lengths