• Interconnect cables establish the fundamental path in channeling the musicality of audio signal that is vital in any sound system. RAMM Audio interconnect is designed and built to deliver this very important fundamental link to faithfully preserve the high fidelity of the signal as it is intended — as clean and as transparent with the least distortion, noise, and interference.

    The Elite8, Elite7 and Mozart series reflect the most on our design philosophy by using the highest conductivity of solid core single crystal OCC pure copper wires, with Air-Inside© geometry and terminated with pure copper gold and rhodium plated RCA and XLR plugs. Our flagship Elite8 Premium is fitted with pure copper NBU sleeves to purge overall non-essential internal and external noise and interference

    While OCC conductor delivers the best performance, the more affodable Air9, Air25, and S-series with solid core OFHCC Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper conductors minimize distortion due to skin-effect of stranded wires. Cost friendly cables without sacrificing performance.

    Air-Inside© geometry cable construction provides excellent musical transparency and resolution with multi-layer shieldings for superior noise and interference rejections. Separate stereo channels and individually shielded conductors for clean and quiet balanced terminations.

    All of these, and more affodable!