Elite8 Interconnect

  • Elite8 and Elite8-Premium reference interconnects
    Natural, pure, and transparent sounding with smooth musicality and exceptional dimensional imaging. Quiet, excellent noise and interference rejections.
    The Elite8-Premium with NBU Noise-Bypass-Unit provides the quietest signal transfer

    What we do to make it possible
    Single crystal pure copper OCC cores with highest conductivity. Three separately shielded cores for balanced applications. Air-Inside© geometry with multi-layer aluminum foil and polypropylene shieldings eliminate distortion and deliver clean signal. NBU copper sleeves dissipates internal and external noise!

    Connector terminations
    Full copper gold and rhodium locking RCAs
    Tellurium and Berrylium coppers gold and rhodium locking XLRs
    Ø = 9.0mm