Mozart2 Interconnect

  • Mozart2 audiophile interconnect
    The most affordable! with OCC cores delivers natural, pure, and transparent sounds. Smooth musicality with excellent dimensional imaging set the vocals in front of sound stage. Quiet, excellent noise and interference rejections

    What we do to make it possible
    Solid core single crystal pure copper OCC wires with highest conductivity and less distortion than stranded copper wires. Air-Inside© geometry in copper foil with two separately multi-layer shielded cores filled with natural cotton fillers delivering audio signals that are optimized for the lowest distortion and noise. Gold-plated and silver/rhodium tellurium full copper plugs to secure robust contacts with the component jacks, long lasting with resistance to oxydation.

    Terminations and lengths
    M2-892GT-10 Gold-plated
    M2-892RT-10 Silver/rhodium plated
    1 meter pair standard length
    Other lengths available