Speaker Connectors

  • Audiophile Speaker Connectors
    Tellurium and red copper metals for best conductivity that won't create bottleneck choking your audio signal like brass metals with lower conductivity. Direct gold plating or silver/rhodium with cryogenic treatment provides improvements on more dimensional soundstage, expanded dynamic range, and overall noise threshold. Non-magnetic housing with set screw termination secures contact points with the speaker cable eliminating undesired distortions and interference.

    Banana plugs with tellurium copper metals
    Adjustable locking pin flare
    20800GT gold-plated
    20800RT rhodium-plated
    Ø = 7.80mm

    Spade connectors with red copper metals
    Graded width for flexibility
    50400GT gold-plated
    50400RT rhodium-plated
    Ø = 8.00mm